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GA-08-2020 An Ordinance of the City of Punta Gorda, Florida, amending Chapter 6 of the Punta Gorda Code, relating to the use of waterways, operation of vessels, construction within waterways, seawalls and canal maintenance; rewriting and reorganizing substantial portions thereof; providing for conflict and severability; and providing an effective date. SECOND READING

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Recommended Action:

City Council adoption of the proposed ordinance as amended at this second reading.  


This rewrite of Chapter 6 was undertaken in order to update and provide clarity of the provisions which govern the use of waterways within the municipal limits of Punta Gorda. The city's regulations applicable to vessels, docks and waterways are quite comprehensive and have been divided into five articles: Article I - In General; Article II - Construction in Waterways; Article III - Seawalls & Canal Maintenance; Article IV - Punta Gorda Isles Canal Maintenance Assessment District; and Article V - Burnt Store Isles Canal Maintenance Assessment District.

The Burnt Store Isles and Punta Gorda Isles Canal Maintenance Advisory Committees reviewed the Chapter 6 section-by-section and their input was incorporated into the rewrite. City Council reviewed the draft changes at a public workshop held in November 2019. On September 23, 2020, City Council held a public hearing and directed staff to make several amendments to the proposed ordinance. These changes can be reviewed in the revised Exhibit "A" attached.


Legal, Zoning/Code Compliance, Building, Police, Public Works Engineering and Canal Maintenance

1.GA-08-2020 Ordinance
2.Revised Exhibit A to Ordinance