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Discussion of Punta Gorda Boat Club Lease



Recommended Action:

City Council direction with regard to proposed lease terms with the Punta Gorda Boat Club.


The City has leased the peninsula area in Gilchrist Park to the Punta Gorda Boat Club since 1961. After recently exploring the feasibility of a waterfront activity center, City Council decided to forgo such a project and allow the Boat Club and Bayfront Center buildings to remain. As a result, City staff and representatives of the Boat Club have entered into lease negotiations which allow for the Boat Club to invest funds into their facility as well as provide more public access to area.

The Boat Club requests the following considerations:

  • 20 year lease term with annual renewals thereafter and 90 termination clause
  • Lease termination building buy-out waived if an equivalent waterfront activity center is constructed; first right of refusal to lease new building
  • Boat Club will invest in renovations to include parking, driveway, landscaping, South exterior, utilities
  • City grant of an Occupation of Easement (portion of Berry St. right-of-way) for driveway and parking improvements
  • Reduction in size of leasehold area 
  • Retain signage adjacent to Retta Esplanade
  • Use of the Bayfront Center main parking lot for special events up to five days per year; must be coordinated with Bayfront Center tenant
  • City responsibility for utility infrastructure from Harborwalk improvement to Retta Esplanade
Department/Division: City Manager/Urban Design
1.PGBC Presentation
2.PGBC proposed changes
3.New leasehold area
4.Proposed Occupation of Easement
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