City Council

A Resolution of the City Council of the City of Punta Gorda, Florida, relating to the dredging project; describing the real property to be located within the proposed Buckley’s Pass Dredging Assessment Area; determining that such real property will be specially benefited by the dredging project; establishing the method of assessing the project costs of the dredging project against the real property that will be specially benefited thereby; establishing other terms and conditions of the assessments; establishing a public hearing to consider imposition of the proposed assessments and the method of their collection; directing the provision of notice in connection therewith; and providing an effective date.


Special Assessment

Recommended Action:

City Council approval of the proposed Initial Assessment Resolution for Buckley's Pass additional harbor access project.


An Initial Assessment Resolution (IAR), pursuant to Chapter 21A, Punta Gorda Code, is the initial proceeding for the identification of a local improvement for the imposition of a capital assessment. The proposed IAR for the Buckley's Pass additional harbor access project identifies the estimated capital and project costs, provides for assessments based on water access unit methodology, describes the assessment area and payment options, as well as sets the date for the Final Assessment Resolution public hearing on April 3, 2019.


Engineer’s opinion of probable construction cost is $1,956,939, which is an increase of $1,252,048 from the 2015 estimate included in the Boater’s Alliance report. Major factors resulting in the increase are mobilization impacted by contractors being tied up with repairs associated with Hurricane Irma; clear and grub due to increased mangroves area; dredged material handling and getting material to an appropriate containments site; dredging due to increase of width and depth of channel; and seawall construction due to doubling the linear footage of shoreline to be stabilized.


Estimated capital cost including design, permitting, legal, economist, land purchase, advertising and mailing is $2,737,193. Total project cost including 10% estimate of uncollectable, 2.5% interest over three-year loan, 2% tax collector fee and 4% discount rate if paid in November is $3,148,898. Assessment per water access unit is $983 if paid up front, or $399.95 per year if paid over three years.

Department/Division: City Manager
1.Initial Assessment Resolution Buckleys Pass
2.Updated Opinion of Probable Construction Cost
3.Opinion of Probable Construction Cost Comparison - 2015 v. 2019
4.Estimated Project Costs