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City Council Budget
Title: Budget Transfer from Storm Sewer Reconstruction to Sailfish Bridge and Park Wooden Pathways & Pier Pilings
Funds: $200,000 - see attached.
Recommended Action:

Authorize staff to transfer $100,000 from Storm Sewer Reconstruction to Sailfish Bridge for articulating block and $100,000 from Storm Sewer Reconstruction to Park Wooden Pathways & Pier Pilings


Several years ago the City started an aggressive program to reline stormwater sewer pipes throughout the City with $75,000 per year allocated. Over the last several years monies in this account have accrued and rolled over to the sum of $231,541 and with current FY2019 funds the total is $306,541 due to many of the oldest pipes having been relined. We now have two items that need funding – Sailfish Bridge and Pier Pilings.


Sailfish Bridge – Public Works sets aside $10,000 annually for bridge repairs based on FDOT biannual inspection reports. Sailfish Bridge has developed deep holes around the pilings and has been classified as scour critical meaning that it is in need of armoring. Our bridge consultant has developed engineering design for articulating concrete block to be placed on the channel bottom. Typically $10,000 is sufficient to patch concrete spalling, replace seals and other routine work. The projected cost for installing the articulating concrete block is $118,000.


Pier Pilings – Several of our wood piers and boardwalks have severely decayed/worn wood piles including:

Ponce Park Nature Walk Pier

Gilchrist Park Fishing Pier

Harborwalk Condos Boardwalk

Justice Center Boardwalk

Adrienne Street Pier


We would like to hire a contractor to install grout filled pile jackets for our many piers and boardwalks on an as-needed, as-funding is available basis. The cost of this project will likely be more than we have funds to cover in the current year so the contract will have the ability to renew for a couple years. This year’s budget is $100,000.  We have not identified the exact piles to be replaced as we will do the worst first until we expend the funds. We expect to meet the contractor at each site and do a statement of work (SOW) before starting each pier. This project was added to the CIP last year but was unfunded.

Department/Division: Public Works
1.Proposed Budget Transfer