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Appropriation of funds and award of Amendment #3 - Design/Construction Services for Buckley’s Pass to Hans Wilson & Associates in accordance with the Master Agreement.


Appropriation of $113,700 to expenditure account 301-3004-549-6515 for Buckley's Pass Project# BRDCUT and revenue from interfund loan from General Fund.


Appropriation of $113,700 interfund loan from General Fund to General Fund Construction from General Fund reserves.

Recommended Action:

Staff recommends Council to:

1)     Appropriate the funds; and

2)     Award of the Amendment #3 to Hans Wilson & Associates of Fort Myers, FL.

This request is for Council to appropriate funds and approve the Amendment for the Buckley’s Pass project in the amount of $113,700 for engineering services for design and construction administration.

On October 7, 2015, the City Council awarded a Master Agreement for professional engineering services for Buckley’s Pass to Hans Wilson & Associates of Fort Myers, FL.  The Agreement includes hourly rates for negotiating future projects in the form a specific authorization and amendment to the Agreement.

Public Works requested a proposal, based on negotiated hourly rates, for Design and Construction Services for Buckley’s Pass.  The timeline for completion of this Specific Authorization 3 is stated in Exhibit A to the Amendment and is dependent upon the actual construction timeline.

Staff has prepared Amendment 3 to the Master Agreement for engineering services to complete Specific Authorization 3 for a total not to exceed price of $113,700.00, which includes direct expenses to complete this phase of the project.
Department/Division: Finance/Procurement
1.Recommendation for Award
2.Amendment #3
3.General Fund Reserves