City Council
City Council Budget

Appropriation of 2018/2019 West Coast Inland Navigation District (WCIND) Grant Funds for 21' Marine Vessel


Appropriation of $97,500 to revenue account 001-0000-337-2100

Appropriation of $97,500 to expenditure account 001-1200-521-6403

Recommended Action:

City Council acceptance of the WCIND grant for replacement of police department marine vessel and appropriation of funds.


The police department is assigned two vessels for law enforcement marine operations. The smaller of the two vessels is a thirteen year old police vessel (Marine 2) which is in need of significant repair; the hull and the deck are separating and the dive door no longer is water-tight. Marine 2 is mainly used by the PGPD Marine Volunteers. It is deployed five days a week, 52 weeks a year. Volunteers are on-call for boating emergencies and any water related incident, i.e. sinking boats, boat fires, or missing persons. The Marine volunteers logged 2282 hours in Fiscal Year 2017 providing 2,100 miles of patrol coverage. Marine 2 also serves as backup to the Marine 1 as a force multiplier or stand alone in the event the Marine 1 boat is not operational.


Department/Division: Police
EXHIBITS: Charlotte County Commission Agenda
2.05-08-18 Charlotte County Commission Agenda Item F-1
3.Exhibit A - 2019 MAC Grant Recommendations Charlotte County Commission Minutes