Boards and Commissions:
Board/Commission:  General Employees' Pension Board

Contact Name: Foster & Foster
Phone: (239)333-4872

Meets quarterly and as called in Council Chambers.  Membership consists of two employee trustees (elected from within the employee pension membership), two City Council appointees (must be City residents) and a fifth member appointed by the other four Pension Board members and confirmed by City Council.


Charged with management of the General Employees' Pension Fund.


To find minutes and agendas for meetings, please use the public records search.

Board Seats: 

Board SeatTerm StartTerm EndTitleBoard MemberAppointed By
GEPEN 207/15/201707/15/2021Vice ChairmanTeets, Bradley 
GEPEN 302/21/201802/21/2022 Tiller, John 
GEPEN 504/01/201804/01/2022 McGillivray, Julie 
GEPEN 406/06/201806/06/2022ChairmanSposito, Linda 
GEPEN 106/15/201806/15/2022 Smith, John